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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is this the way people should live?

In this country we have now seen not only remote brain fingerprinting, remote rape, sexual assaults, water boarding and simulated gunshots to the head or mock executions. These are not being done to PO W's alone but to ordinary citizens who either non-consensually became "persons of interest" or perhaps subjects for training exercises by intelligence and the military. Most of the victims have gone to senators to request that it stop or for assistance to no avail and have taken other avenues to stop this torture only to be set up as mentally ill by these same agencies.

With advanced technology it is possible to beam voices and to send holograms right into victims houses. Yet, there has been no public outcry and articles about this technology have been forthcoming they are still slow to reach the public and to stimulate the public to rally against such technology. In addition the CIA approached the media and demanded that they not let the public know about Abeu Gharib for one year. It was withheld from the public for that year. There is no Dick Chaney, Bush or Rumsfield now but the abuses continue on private citizens under this administration. Who will have the courage to stop funding this project?

We now have satellites so small that they can be used to see inside homes; yours and mine. Imagine going to the shower and seeing a tiny light above you while some stranger is watching you take your bath, eat and even watch you make love to your spouse or friend.

We accepted all of this after 911 but never did anyone imagine the invasion into our privacy that we would suffer. We did not sign up for this torture we were targeted by some list that some agent placed us on without regard to our well-being. In fact we were placed under surveillance not because we did anything wrong but because they got it wrong. In order to cover up these mistakes and invasions they have sent thousands of people to mental hospitals. Many of these victims needed no medication but were forced to take medication that tax-payers paid for. Many more were unable to work due to the targeting effects of these weapons. Some were lawyers, doctors and social workers as well as ordinary citizens. Some were deliberately kept from earning a living and some were placed on disability that you pay for. Maybe the Red Cross should listen to the victims like they do the POW's and demand this abuse cease. If the weapons were removed they might be able to return to work or to live the rest of their lives without this invasive and dangerous technology. keep in m ind it operates on low frequencies, microwaves and EMF which cell phone use and have been declared cancer causing. If you think you are not affected look at the sky when there is chem trails and you will see the white or red phosphorus that the military use to hide what they want hidden.

Don't we have enough terror in this country without it coming from the very people that took an oath to honor their country and to serve the people? Please google Sharon Weinberger and other articles including those about brain fingerprinting, remote surveillance and the active denial weapons system. If you think this isn't happening then you need to also google Church Committee, the government Guatemala and Alabama Syphilis project. This could happen to you and probably will if it is not brought to the public attention.

Thank you. Please email the President, Senators, newspapers and other media that this is going on. Don't take my word for it do research... Keep in mind just because it is done with technology doesn't make it less traumatic for the victims. This is debilitating and victims are not collateral damage they are citizens and being abused. This program has created PTSD, anxiety attacks and while some victims were not diagnosed with mental illness it certainly creates issues such as the above and depression. There have been victims led to suicide and there is no medical resources for most of the victims. These people are not terrorist or a danger to society they are people like yourselves. Many are in financial ruins as a result of this this what will define our country in the end? Will History books describe this period as barbaric and unamerican. Will our politicians be remembered as turning their heads when they should have demanded change?

PS: Some victims claim to be MKUltra but due to the destroying of CIA records these people have no proof. They were to be found and compensated but many have been forgotten or placed in other programs. I believe that there is available technology that our military speaks about and classified that they deny or claim is not ready for war. If this is the case then who are they testing these weapons on?