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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Can You Help?

Who would have thought that the public would be silent when all over this country there are human beings including children being subjected to military weapons and non consensual human experimentation? With all the history of the abusive policies of intelligence agencies and the military complex why would this be ignored. Here we have weapons that have the ability to single a person out of a crowd and then to disorient them along with weapons that can be used to beam voices, manipulate people's thoughts, project holograms and yet the public continues to keep their head in the sand. If for no other reason but to protect our grandchildren from such invasive weapons and policies then we should all be sending emails to senators asking for an investigation by an impartial group much like the Church Committee who investigated MKUltra, the CIA program where drugs were used on people without their knowledge. We would support the five Vietnam Vets who have a lawsuit where they have subjected to the earliest forms of mind control or behavior modification and who have health issues today. We look in our sky and think what beautiful clouds when they are really chem trails and another form of hiding something from the public. Please send a short email and ask your senator to look into the use of these weapons that use neural monitoring in remote interrogation and brain fingerprinting. In some cases the FBI and other agencies used these weapons to silence whistle-blowers and even potential witnesses that they wanted to cover up. Surely the American people will step up to the plate and learn the facts about this new homeland security that does not provide security at all. Surely we will protect our children and grandchildren from these harmful low frequencies and microwaves? Some of these victims have been subjected to EMF, radio and microwaves on a steady basis. EMF is the same EMF that cell phones use that cause new forms of cancer. Imagine being a non consensual test subject for EMF and not having anyone to go to for medical or help? We are a smart group of people here in America and we want what is right for the general public and non consensual human testing and remote neural monitoring is not. Imagine someone using a weapon to disorient you and then sending you to a mental hospital just to discredit you so that they won't have to be bothered with your testimony in court? Imagine the constant harassment as a means to keep you silent. This is America and we should know better and do this all that we can be?________________________________________________
The New York Post op-ed on torture link is here. Also go to the ACLU website to view and sign the petition to stop torture....Today Americans in this country have been targeted with weapons that mimic water-boarding, rape, mock executions. Their crime is they were unfortunate enough to cross paths with someone in the witch hunt for terrorist in this country. These are citizens who have become test subjects and training subjects with no recourse for medical treatment. Here is the and read their post which will lead you to the op-ed.