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Saturday, June 25, 2011

There are Good Guys Out There

I started to delete the older post but even though they read like someone rambling, I knew the real reason behind the rambling. I recognize that much of these post will not make sense unless you know the technology or the psyops program. These weapons are used to get victims do do or say things that we would not normally say or do. I have great respect for those who serve our country whether it be police, FBI, SBI or any other form of public servant. We know that in every occupation there will be some who make it difficult or give the organization a tarnished image. For the most part there are decent agents all over the United States but do to the few who have tried to discredit me I will not trust again. So if some of my post seem like I dislike or am a little radical please believe me I am not. My plan is to just not vote for anyone that supports this program. I am only one vote but I ask everyone to learn about this technology and non consensual human experiments and to also not vote for those who in the past we supported only to be disappointed. We have received support from former agents and military personnel that is much appreciated. Thank you for having the courage to speak out.