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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thanks to all who contribute to this blog. Please visit the Bioethics Commission website and KELB website. Research nonconsensual weapons testing, radio frequencies and what they can do. Remember that there are too many people telling the same stories and the CIA and other agencies can no longer say that these people are mentally ill. We have doctors, lawyers even psychologist who are telling the Bioethics Committee that they are test subjects. We believe this is a CIA program that utilizes military weapons. The military may call it behavior modification...the use of odors is common and the directed energy weapons such as the active denial weapons system is a part of this. We have funded the Psycotechnology Research Laboratory Institute that is Russian based and their main objective is behavior modification or mind control technologies. They now have a United States location in TN. Do we really want to carry on this type of program here in the land where we are supposed to be the leaders of the free world? Contact the President and ask him to appoint a committee much like the Church Committee only give them the powers to act upon their findings so that there will never be another program where citizens are used in nonconsensual experiments.