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Friday, June 17, 2011

Taken from the book by Dr. Nick Begich

"Bioeffects research now being conducted by the Radiofrequency Radiation Branch examines effects at the subcellular, cellular and whole organism levels. The research is conducted through the Tri-Service Electromagnetic Radiation Panel, which is chartered through the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense of Environmental Security. In order to examine carcinogenicity potential, some studies expose small laboratory animals to RFR over virtually their entire life span. Other research focuses on basic mechanisms of RFR bioeffects. Also emphasized are studies on the effects of millimeter wavefrequency and high power microwave energy weapons systems use short, intense pulses of MW energy to incapacitate opponent electronic systems. A major research effort is focused on determining the biological effects of these novel pulses in order to establish protection criteria necessary before these sy stems can be tested and fielded. Bioeffects issues are critical to the success of new non-lethal weapons. Because of our core bioeffects expertise, we have become a major test facility for the bioeffects of non-lethal weapons. " 1 (225.) "Technologies could include: radio frequency and microwaves, lasers, supercaustics, polymers, smoke and EM pulse generators to name a few.

1.(225.) Air Force Research Laboratory, Brooks AFB, Radio Frequency Radiation Bioeffects Research at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

From: Earth Rising, The Revolution, by Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick
ISBN 1-890693-43-X Copyright 2000 by