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Friday, June 17, 2011


I have learned that many victims of the various waves used to torture or modify behavior (silence people) often see things or say things that seem off the wall to people who are not victims. The movement in this country to stop the abuses has been slow but it is gaining momentum. Please visit the Bioethics Committee to see the testimony given by lawyers and doctors along with targeted individuals and send your congress an email and ask them to stop the practice of using this technology nonconsensually by the Department of Defense or any intelligence agency. With profiling we get many mistakes and minorities are often targeted, I believe that some victims are innocent and have been profiled as "people of interest". Once in this system there is no out. Most people have been victimized for years...even with the knowledge that EMF and microwaves causing cancer, these people do not get medical treatment nor are they compensated. POW's at Guantanamo get medical treatment but victims of satellite surveillance using low radio frequencies, EMF have no place to complain. If you went to a major hospital and signed up for one of their experimental programs you would have treatment...these people get NOTHING. These directed energy assaults cause victims to be suicidal, ramble and often they are misdiagnosed as mentally ill. They are discredited by these agencies and the use of directed energy increases when they seek lawyers. These victims often become homeless. All of this sounds like they have the issues but in reality if they were not targeted with this directed energy and frequencies they would have no problems finding employment. IT IS YOUR TAX DOLLARS paying for medicare and disability because these people can't live the same life as the men and women who target them with torture everyday. If these people were held accountable for the mock executions and sexual assaults then they would not participate in these programs that have no place in a free country.