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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Older Post

I read some of the older post today and they sounded like I was anti-government etc. I was raised to respect our government and law enforcement. I am not anti government. I also noticed that some statements seemed harsh or even unrealistic. I have noticed the same pattern in newer victims as I was when I wrote the post. It doesn't make them just makes me aware that I was being hit with the directed energy when I was writing. There are times when victims are angry, wise and they may sound delusional. Believe me they are not delusional they are made by the waves to say and act the way they do. Please be kind to these people as they are working their way through the maze of torture and abuse. Imagine yourself having no privacy in the bedroom or even bathroom and shower. Imagine going to sleep to be awoken every two hours to chatter. This is only a small sample of what this military technology does. Do you remember when DC was offered the technology to monitor the crowds? Well, this is the same technology that can cause you to become disoriented or it can sting you like a bee and even cause you to hear commands. Think about how you would feel but more important is the long term effects that the victims will suffer as a result of a steady stream of EMF pointed at their brains and body. Think about these things and then read some of the older post. This technology was used with cold laser to rape was used to simulate mock executions and water boarding. No longer will the CIA use torture that can be seen but torture that is done with technology. Does this make it any less torture? Will the psychological effects of rape and a mock execution be different because they weren't real? No, they are the same except they are done with no way to prove they were done. CAll your congress and ask them to stop funding non-consensual weapons testing being billed as surveillance and behavior modification. Tell them to stop farming out the people's lives int his country...we are not collateral damage.