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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Information

Recently the Washington Post did a three part series on the 4th branch of the government. The 4th branch is a secret branch with no legal authority under the constitution. The fourth branch or Intelligence (oxymoron) has 840,000 agents all across America. The 4th branch also uses corporations for spying and other illegal projects. Financing possibly comes from the CIA budget or DOD budget which is a good place to cover up any misuse of funding. This branch has been in existence at least since 911 if not earlier.

Many of the victims have contact their senators and while the senators appear to be listening the continuation of this project is apparent. Citizens are placed on list by the FBI and other agencies and then subjected to various forms of torture to get information about their personal lives etc. Of course they call this behaviour modification. However, since we know that children are a large part of this program it is difficult to fathom that they would hold any secrets that should be of interest to intelligence.

Recently I also read where it has been discovered that there is a link between the brain and sex. This is recognizable since we know that people who dial 1-900 babe to have phone sex find that talking in a certain manner gives them an orgasm. SO we must ask why would children be a part of this type of treatment and what do these Frankensteins hope to gather from them. Is it just a personal matter of a sexual act or do they believe that sexually manipulating a child will further whatever ideals they are seeking?

My experience with the intelligence agencies has been like most a new discovery of mind manipulation and sexual assault including rape. Somewhere on this blog is a description of the rapes that I endured under this program. Please feel free to go through the archives for some information. This is my first post in a very long time but since the torture has increased I find that it is my method of keeping up with information and a good place to share everything. SO I will now begin posting until I am allowed to sleep normally like they do and to go about my life without harassment. They are able to do these things because of the technology and victims are often threatened with being labeled as mentally ill.

So while this will ramble at times as our thoughts do, I will post good information as I get it. Pictures will follow this week.