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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lights Out

I came home today to find that my clock in the kitchen had stopped one hour before. The clock in the bedroom stopped 4:45 before I got home. Now this tells me that it was not my electric going off. Recently I had a man come into my office who I suspect was up to no good. The woman in the next office brought her in and pointed me out to the man and stated he found money near by your car. Now, my car is between two other cars and the money if there was any could have belonged to anyone. I knew I had lost no money. By the way I never saw the money as he had it in a fist. A week later or that Saturday I found drugs in my car. I don't and never have used drugs. So today I am concerned that these criminals have planted something in my house. They have increased the burning and the amount of time they leave the weapon on one area. They have threatened me with kidnapping and all kinds of silly things. I think they will just use the weapons and continue to enter my home illegally. My plan is to see a lawyer this week and turn over a copy of my papers. These are grown men and women who seem to believe that they have the right to torture, lie and to illegally interrogate me through whatever methods that I have no control over. I have not been allowed to have a lawyer present and when I am in my lawyers office they listen in to what I tell him. Grown men and women who have practiced rape, a gunshot to the head and all types of torture. They have tried to make me believe there were aliens in my bedroom...holograms I am sure. This is no longer the America that was founded by good people who set out to free the people from the Queen. It is just another controlled country by agencies who have used propaganda to manipulate the people. Thank you for Obama I really believe we may see some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully he will prosecute the people who participate in these weapons testing, surveillance and mind control games.