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Friday, April 24, 2009

Burns Like the POW's ONLY I am not a POW.

Here is a refresher of what a burn looks like. Keep in mind that all this chatter about POW's is nothing compared to American citizens being tortured by the so called enhanced technology. We are burned, remotely interrogated and when they find nothing in our minds they harass us constantly. We are not a danger to anyone all we want is our freedom just like everyone is promised under the constitution. If mentioning the constitution makes us terrorist then so be it. Let these freaks and FRANKENSTEINS COME INTO YOUR BED AND BATH...LET THEM RAPE YOU AND SEXUALLY ASSAULT YOU THEN YOU WILL NOT BE SO COMPLACENT ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON. We protect the POW's more than the citizens in the United States. Where is the Justice?

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