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Monday, March 02, 2009

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In America we have a situation similar to Abru Gharib. Americans are being profiled and placed on list as "terrorist" or "people of interest". Today there are over one million citizens who are being watched. Unfortunately the military has technology where they remotely interrogate these citizens and violate their constitutional rights. Some of these citizens have been subjected to "mind control" games both physical and psychologically. These are not real terrorist. Children have been attacked by the same technology. They are testing the same types of programs that should have been shut down when MkUltra was discovered many years ago. In 2007 a group of 77 were awarded money to settle lawsuits out of court against the CIA and the FBI. Today we have veterans who are suing for medical treatment as a result of these experiments. I am a subject of this weapons testing and game playing. I have photos much like the photos that were on the news where the soldiers placed POW's in sexual poses. Only mine were done with microwaves, radio waves and low and high frequencies. Because they are explicit I can't put them on this website. Many of the victims that are under surveillance are subjected to sleep deprivation and the use of the active denial weapons technology including other so called non lethal weapons. The government conditions people by using words like the Patriot Act which violates the constitution but sounds so good that we accept it. They also use non-lethal so that you will accept it as part of law enforcement. Tasers were just the start because the active denial burns your inside organ but it can't be seen by the naked eye. If America does not soon get the new administration to bring this country into line with the constitution as Obama promised when he ran for election we will all be a nation controlled by soldiers and law enforcement with no ethics. These lawless groups of people want you to believe that people who put aluminum on their heads or try other methods to reduce EMF are crazy. Yet there is countless warnings about cell phones that operate with EMF and on the same principles. POWER is a strong reason for government agencies to violate your rights. Those who are now speaking out are considered trouble makers and they are subjected to mind boggling games. Some while they sleep. The ACLU is moving in the right direction to stop this program. While they speak out about the torture at Guantanamo they fail to speak out about American abuses. The technology is used to rape women and children and to simulate gunshots to their heads along with water boarding. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PERSON WHO IS SUBJECTED TO THIS TREATMENT AND "HANDS ON" TREATMENT? The difference is you can't see the perpetrator, you can't GET anyone arrested and it is difficult for the public to understand if they don't see semen or signs of the torture THEY THINK IT DOESN'T EXIST. However there is proof out there the weapons exist because your government and the military are using propaganda to make the public believe they are protecting the country with non-lethal weapons. These are the weapons being tested on the people and they are used in training our soldiers. People have died as a result of this non consensual testing and experiments. People have lost their jobs. There are thousands receiving disability because when they tried to tell about what was happening to them they were sent to mental institutions and misdiagnosed as mentally ill. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT IN THIS COUNTRY? I am midnightladync and I am protesting not only for me but even for the non-believers. It was the people who stood up against the war that changed it both Viet Nam and Iraq. It was the people who stood against the nuclear facilities that made them safer. Now, they want to use these weapons against anyone who protest policies. In fact they have a video out that shows people protesting the war and this technology is used to silence them. Instead of people speaking out against the war they want them to speak out against the protesters. DON'T LET PROPAGANDA SILENCE YOU!
The photo of the light is when my room is in complete darkness. I had to lighten the photo for you to see. Double click the photo to enlarge, The first photo was taken from my door. The third was the wall in my bedroom. It should be smooth. This only shows up in photos but sometimes you can see tiny pin dot lights in your room, or images. Sometimes my bedroom looks like it has a fog in it. The story below is like ours. The difference is we are in our homes and being targeted. We are victims of abuse the same as the woman below. Please send a link to this blog to everyone. The lady below speaks out about listening to tapes for 15 days and we listen to them for hours and at night they place subliminal dreams and visions. The FBI uses Cointelpro operations to discredit those who speak out. My crime was trusting the FBI and believing everything they said. I now know it was another Cointelpro operation designed to silence me. The will use your local police (who don't seem to know any better) and these poor law enforcement participate because they trust. This does not make them any less guilty than the federal agencies.

Ottawa settles brainwashing class action
Allan Memorial Institute. CIA-funded treatments included electroshock, experimental medication
MAX HARROLD, The GazettePublished:Â Thursday, July 05 2007
Decades after she was unknowingly brainwashed in a program funded by the federal government and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Janine Huard has found some peace of mind in a cash settlement.
Exactly how much, she can't say, because she agreed to keep the amount secret as part of her deal to drop her class-action lawsuit against the federal government.
It's enough to buy her some closure, if not wipe away the terrible memories of her treatments in the 1950s and 1960s at the Allan Memorial Institute, a psychiatric facility of the McGill University Health Centre.
"I'm going to get myself a dream home," Huard, 79, said yesterday. "I'm going to move in to a residence in the country near the water's edge and live in peace for the rest of my days."
On and off for 15 years, Huard received massive electroshock therapy, experimental pills and was forced to listen to repetitive recorded messages for days on end.
Huard's lawyer, Alan Stein, said the amount she received Tuesday does not exceed the $100,000 the federal government paid to each of 77 other victims of the brainwashing techniques in 1994. Huard also received some interest on the money, he said.
She and about 200 other victims of the treatments were denied the 1994 offer because they were deemed to have suffered less than those who were paid.
In 1989, Huard was one of nine plaintiffs awarded $67,000 U.S. from the CIA.
Stein plans to seek permission to launch a new class-action lawsuit in Federal Court "within weeks" with another former brainwashing patient as the central plaintiff. He knows of about 10 former patients and 20 relatives of former patients who may be part of the new lawsuit, he said. They could have access to $100,000, plus as much as $50,000 in interest, he said.
Julius Grey, a Montreal lawyer and constitutional law expert, said Huard's case opens the door for others because it shows that judges are willing to settle cases long after the legal time limit to sue has expired.
Strictly applying time limits works in favour of defendants with deep pockets, like governments and corporations, Grey said.
Until 1964, the Allan's ex-director, Ewen Cameron, conducted experiments at the institute, often without the knowledge or permission of patients. Some patients were kept in drug-induced comas for months.
The experiments were part of a larger CIA program called MK-ULTRA, which saw LSD administered to U.S. prison inmates and patrons of brothels without their knowledge, according to testimony before a 1977 U.S. Senate committee.
Huard entered the Allan in 1957 after suffering postpartum depression after the birth of her second child. Her newborn had become ill and Huard was having trouble sleeping.
Cameron used his experimental techniques on her, mistakenly believing they could treat depression.
Huard said she believes the effects of the treatment stayed with her for years. She wanted to become a interpreter but did poorly in exams because she lacked confidence.
She said Cameron, who died in 1967, would walk around the Allan like an emperor.
"It's terrible. What nerve he had," she said. "He ruined my life and my husband's, too. His treatments cost us a fortune and my husband had to declare bankruptcy."

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