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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hooray, they have accomplished nothing

At 5:30 this morning I heard what sounded like a car engine stopped on the road by my house. I heard two bangs in my ear and with those bangs came the headache and the drowsiness. I then heard a female make this statement" You have a wonderful headache" and so I have proceeded to get an appointment with my lawyer. I also will contact the Justice Department concerning the use of this technology to interrogate, test or train intelligence without my consent or my lawyers consent. While Just Department is going through memos regarding torture we can hope that they find memos regarding the use of technology to silence, torture and psychologically abuse citizens in this country. EVERYONE PLEASE WRITE FOR YOUR FOIA'S SO THAT YOU CAN FIND OUT WHAT HAS BEEN BLACKED OUT ABOUT YOU OR IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEIR PROJECTS. REMEMBER THEY SILENTLY GATHER INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AT LEAST A YEAR BEFORE YOU WILL EVER KNOW IF YOU ARE A TARGET OF ANY SURVEILLANCE, TESTING OR TRAINING.