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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I took this from a news article about the changes in the military. I believe that what may be done to us is a simulation of these conditions to determine how to treat them. I have a problem with being targeted as a subject for any military test but to induce make believe symptoms for human testing non-consensually is beneath even the Defense Department. As a civilian not interested in participating in weapons testing and psychological abuse I will do everything I can to get this story out and to stop the abuse.
While this may be an improvement to the psychological aspect of the men and women returning from Iraq it does not take into consideration that we have intelligence agencies that abuse women and children on a daily basis (just for practice and testing) and these men and women need to be psychologically tested and treated as well. Imagine raping a child or torturing a child and then returning home to a supposedly normal lifestyle after hours of working and training for interrogation programs. I know for a fact that some of my abusers have gone over the line and simulated weatherboarding, taking our breaths away and sexually assaulting. These people have tried to make me THINK that I was saying or doing something that I was not. There is a problem with human testing of weapons, psychological interrogation techniques, brain fingerprinting on NON-CONSENSUAL subjects. It is sad that we are targeted by the FBI profiling without any proof of doing anything wrong or just to see if we did something wrong and then abused for years by the Defense Department and Intelligence agencies and their defense contract corporations.

Probably most important was that soldiers returning from deployment receive a mental health assessment every six months for the first two years after their return. Counselors probe for signs of stress, including anxieties, sleep disorders, family problems and excessive alcohol use. It's a mandatory requirement, so it reduces the stigma of a soldier reaching out for help with an emotional disorder. And it recognizes that many soldiers don't begin to experience the symptoms of PTSD or TBI until they've been home for six months to a year.

We must be wary of those who promise us security and ask in return for our freedom. We must recognize that part of the price for freedom may well be insecurity, but that the price for complete security is inhumanity. Martin Luther King