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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Once again I was targeted last night by so called nonlethal weapons. These weapons are either being used under the illusion of surveillance or we are non consensual test subjects. If the purpose is to eliminate terrorist then these people are fools to bother someone like me who is harmless. If we are targets of weapons testing then they do not follow protocol with consent forms, telling US what we are being tested for and certainly not allowing us to know the dangers. I had ripples going through my abdomen last night and it is very sore today as a result of these test. I am mentioning once again a man who is disabled and he seems to be at the helm of my targeting. I have learned that these test are taking place in many military facilities and bases. I also have names of the people in charge of the testing programs. According to the documents these weapons do have the ability to cause cancer. While they are tested with limits of exposure and limits of EMF and microwaves the rest of us victims seem to have no limits placed on our testing. I read where the psychological part of the testing is to see how we would react to certain types of weapons and psycho programs. I remember all too well the images of the women pointing to a bare naked pow and I also remember her getting sentenced to prison. Abru Gharib is a shame for America and so are the secret weapons programs that are being funded by possibly fake grants to corporations that are actually fronts. If you look at my ear you can see the waves and the images they produce when they send certain types of noises or voices to our ears. This was a whistle and most of the time the real creeps show their faces on these images. These may look unharmful but people have lost their hearing, eyesight and have other health problems as a result of these test. According to Russell Tice these surveillance programs were not limited to people who were suspected terrorist but to anyone they wanted to target. Go to MNBC and see the Russell Tice interview that he did with Keith Oberman. Mr. Tice is the former NSA agent who is a whistle blower and has just recently felt safe enough to tell more of the appalling scandalous things this last administration has and continues to do to the American public. It was NOT just wiretapping and eventually there will be another scandal and this will fall on the heads of those who participate and allow. We can applaud Mr. Oberman for being a conscientious journalist unafraid to take on issues that some news stations failed to do. These issues will come to light under this administration and justice will be done.
The purple color must come from the weapons but if scroll down you can see some of these weapons in the sky above my house.
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