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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The mark of evil

I have changed this to black/white but it is a red area on my skin where I have been hit. If you look closely or double click and enlarge you will see that something is on my skin. This morning it was yet another brain fingerprinting exercise where they run pics through your mind to see how you react or if you recognize anything. This time I heard a male voice (6:00am) say "Just one more issue the animals" and I was shown carrying my dog while there were giant bees and then told a "normal" person does not protect their dog. Give me a break...if this is military psychiatrist then it is no wonder our boys are so psychologically damaged. Well. the papers have announced that there are a group of Vets suing over non-consensual testing of drugs, technology and mind control. They have an excellant group of lawyers and this could be a very good precedent for the citizens in this country being tested without their consent, knowledge or even any information regarding the effects both long term and short and no compensation for the scsrs on their bodies, internal injuries not to mention the brain or psychiatric effects of the testing. I don't know when our congressmen decided to fund these weapons testing but tax-payers need to know that the ultimate goal is control and once these monsters get control they will try to do anything. The last image they showed me was someone in bib work jeans doing something to my right front tire. I think the threats need to stop as I am not backing off. I have waited for just the right time to speak out about our Justice Department and how some agents have been given the green light to obstruct justice.
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