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Friday, January 02, 2009

Domestic Torture

Last night was the dream team. The vision was of me sitting beside someone who I saw several times in a small white Ford. I believe he is an agent. However this time he was supposed to be Eric Rudolph and I was supposed to think that I knew him and they had me (someone pretending to be me) whisper in his ear "I'll protect you". I of course awoke once I knew who this idiot was supposed to be and told them once again that I do not know Rudolph and they should listen to the tapes that were turned over to them and question the man on the tapes instead of wasting my time and theirs. Of course this is their game again to try to change the truth to fit their perception. I do not know Eric Rudolph. Perhaps they would be better off spending tax dollars and time on investigations that have a promise of succeeding in addressing terrorist. As you can see in the photos (the bright white beams) that I was pulsed on my head leaving me with a headache and abused and tortured by the wheelchair man and his agents. This technology has NO place in my bedroom or bath as I try to sleep. If I was to post the photos of my private area you would see an outline of a ladder and other images that have no business being there. THERE IS NO PLACE IN AMERICA FOR TORTURE OR REMOTE INTERROGATION. What happened to the privacy with lawyers and why would our Justice Department allow such violations of our privacy? Why do we profile citizens in this country when we know profiling is nothing more than placing people in a box for their beliefs, non-beliefs, race and in some cases victims have been targeted for sexual orientation. In fact many of the dreams they place in people's minds are of a sexual nature with people of the same sex and children. While this has not happened to me I have been subjected to dreams with people I do not know, I have been lied about and stolen from by government intelligence agents. I receive daily threats from both female and male agents. I have been given the finger by one agent and this is NOT because I did something but because I KNEW something that they ignored. There was NEVER a time they could not have gotten my information by normal means. Brain fingerprinting is not an exact science and we are the people they practice on with visions and dreams. Unfortunately they delve into our past as far back as children and THIS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH KEEPING THIS COUNTRY SAFE. I have been a victim of torture sine 2002.
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