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Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is not a photo from last night. I haven't downloaded those yet. However last night Christmas Eve I was once again shot in the head (simulation) this was not like the first shot as it did not include the drama such as the numbness and stiffness along with the odor. They then told me it was "All in my head". These perverts who work for the Defense Department or government agencies were angry because I refuse to do as they ask me to. In fact they told me I was not getting out of the system because of my personality. The shot was loud and like a bolt hit my head. A few nights ago I saw the image of a man with a gun pointed at my skull in their dream machine. The man wears glasses and has dark hair. He has been targeting me along with a shorter version of the man in the wheel chair. They have threatened to target my car, have threatened my job and have even threatened my life. The car they have targeted in the past and sometimes in the present. The job I am not worried about, my life...they can hurt me with the silvery glistening translucent substance I find on my body, windows, vehicles etc. They burn me on a regular basis and have caused pain in my uterus, back and kidneys. I am not the only person whose health has been damaged by this technology.
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