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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Call Nancy Pelosi

Did you ever wonder why these sick demented people have the need to use sex as their method to getting information? By the way after being sexually assaulted I was told that they were going to improve my life....does this sound like a rapist or an abuser? This is my bedroom window and this is what victims of domestic surveillance are subjected to. This has absolutely nothing to do with fighting terrorist and if it did 911 would not have happened. This "program" refer to Gonzales speech was in effect before 911. In fact if you look at the photos of the plane going through the building you can see the images that are found when they are using this technology. 911 was used as an excuse to violate our rights and to test these weapons and programs. The public unknowingly sanctioned perversions and weapons testing on nonconsensual citizens. It is 2:29 in the morning and one of the good things about this technology is that many of the victims can see who is behind the criminal activities. I got a look at a bald headed man wearing a white shirt and tie....his main objective was to either change my sex life, learn all about it or to make me do something by traumatizing me with porn.....Of course my perverts told me as early as 2003 that they would control me through sex...this was after many rapes and many sexual assaults. I have photos of these sexual assaults and I can assure you they can be proven. In the meantime feel free to enlarge these photos and to take a close look at our government at work with your tax dollars. These are misused funds and we all should complain about the use of funds to subject nonconsensual subjects to any kind of testing.
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