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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The perps decided to place me under some form of hypnosis and then they tried to make me believe that I was devastated when I broke up with Tommy. Now I know that they know the truth and that I never even looked back. They also tried to make me think that I would do drugs to get a job by placing me in another scene. The scene with Tommy was that he was leaving and I was trying to keep in touch by asking him if he was in chat rooms. I guess their intentions were to send me to chat rooms so that I would look bad. I never go to chat rooms. The marijuana was a joke because I don't even smoke cigarettes. When I woke myself out of the scene they told me that I was crazy about Tommy and that I would not turn him in. I turned him in and they failed to listen. They also claimed to be Drug Enforcement. I think they are trying to put something in my mind that is not true and trying to make me believe something that is not true and trying to change my personality so that I will become a chat room junky. I do not like chat rooms, I do not smoke pot and I am not sorry that Tommy and I broke up. I lived in the same house as a friend for over a year before I left. Tommy forced me to leave because I had turned him over to the FBI and he was angry with me. They then tried to say that I would not turn Tommy in. I turned Tommy in and they destroyed the evidence that would have supported my statement that Tommy knew Rudolph. It amazes me that they are so desperate to carry on with another lie that they will resort to playing tricks with my mind. These are very corrupt agents and people that would do this. I saw a group of agents sitting at a table and their hope was that I had fell for their scheme. How disappointed they must be to know that I don't give a damn about Tommy and they are unable to make me a chat room junky. I won't even address the ludicrous idea that I would do drugs for a job.