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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

government abuse

Do you wake up with a scratchy throat and yet you feel okay? Well, if you do you could be a victim of illegal interrogation techniques developed possibly by the CIA and used by NSA, FBI and even ATF. This technology can be seen in your throat when it is used. Look at mine. I have tonsils that are no where in sight. The white area is like a mist or even similar to chem trails. As I write this I am being sexually assaulted just like the pow's at Abru Ghrib. This is common amaong these perverted intelligence agents and the people they employ. It is military technology used against the fine citizens in this state that are NOT terorist or even TERRIST supporters. THEY ARE WHISTLE-BLOWERS AND ACTIVIST ALONG WITH ANYONE THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO SILENCE.

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