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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Last night I once again was assaulted and interrogated. Some of the things I hear are " Mind your own business:, "You won't cooperate", You are getting arrested, you are getting your money, Swain County has your money, Swain County was angry because we told them you deserved some money, Ronnie turned you in and of course my replies would go on deaf ears because it is not about cooperation it is about keeping silent over what the agents did to me in 2003 in Swain County. There is a white substance that these agents put in our body cavities. I think this probably enhances areas of our brains etc. They love to send this up my rectum and vagina but I have had it in my mouth as you can see in these photos and I have had it sent via my belly button. The first photo was when I felt something and grabbed my camera. The second is a few seconds later and they have filled my mouth with this substance. When it runs out and gets on your pillows it will not wash out. None of these photos have been doctored. The first you can barely see my tonsils and the white substance is starting to color the mouth.

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