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Monday, January 28, 2008


Dr. Delgado was able to mind control people remotely via radio waves. We now have the LRAD weapons system that is able to communicate to one person without anyone around them able to hear via a beam of light. Dr. Delgado made the statement that he was able to remotely medicate people without their knowledge. In the first photo I did not feel anything but happened to snap a picture of my full face and zoomed in on the mouth as I knew that I had not taken anything that should show up on film. The second photo was taken above my head and I have no idea what it is except it appears to have long limbs with points. The third photo was taken as I left the bedroom. I saw nothing but snapped a photo in the corner of the bedroom and this is what showed up. Normally I would have deleted such a photo but since I knew that something was iinducing sleep and I felt drugged and knew I was being interrogated in some manner I saved the photos. The last photo shows a gray substance going up my nose. I believe that the people testing these programs on us are controlling our behavior. Last night I had my furnace on 60 degrees and I became so hot that I had to close the door and turn off the heat in my bedroom. I am not a willing subject for any type of testing. I am not mentally ill and I do not need medication. I do not have any information that these agencies like the CIA, FBI, DEA. ATF or any other intelligence agency would want. They have repeatedly told my lawyer that I am not being followed and they have no desire to speak to me. What they have not told him is that I am in a secret program that allows torture, mind reading and interrogation. This program is supported by our Justice Department (even with Gonzales gone) our President, VP and the heads of all the agencies involved. It may also involve military agencies because it is military technology. I am sure that they will knock on my door as they have so many other subjects and try to force a mental exam. THE CRIMES THAT ARE COMMITTED AGAINST THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE CRIMES THAT ONE WOULD BELIEVE HUSSEIN WOULD COMMIT AGAINST HIS PEOPLE. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT HERE IN THE LAND OF THE FREE WE WOULD HAVE THESE KIND OF PROGRAMS RUN BY THESE SICK DEMENTED KINDS OF PEOPLE. MK ULTRA IS NOT DEAD IT HAS BEEN REVISED AND CONTINUES TO THIS DAY. LIKE THOSE SUBJECTS WE ARE WOKEN UP TWO OR THREE TIMES A NIGHT AND TORMENTED. WE ARE DRUGGED AND WE ARE TARGETS OF OUR OWN MILITARY THAT WANTS OUR SUPPORT EVERYWHERE THEY GO.
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