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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Always Double click the pictures.

Taken in the middle of the night. These surveillance techniques cause serious injuries. The victims have complained of sore throats, bladder problems and stomach problems. I had my gallbladder burned. These weapons also cause psychological problems for the victims. Keep in mind once they start testing these weapons they also use some form of Cointelpro to get you misdiagnosed as having a mental illness or once you complain to your friends and family they start to think that you have some form of mental illness. I am one of the lucky people that they are not able to do this to. I just snapped the camera beside me and this was what I got. Also keep in mind that they medicating and hypnotizing people under this surveillance. It is possible that some are being tested with biological substances or viruses. The Morgellon group could be an example of this.
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