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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I recognized several of my perps but one or two were diffinitely present when I was tricked in Swain County. This man is a fat man with grey hair and beard. For this recognition I was sexually assaulted at 4:29pm today. I have now given them a new identity and it is The Rectum Police. They like to play with me and I figure that if they were "real" agents that they should be given a distinct title. I hope their day goes well. I have no intention of keeping quiet about this harassment and I will notify Swain County Sheriff's Department of the harassment that they are doing and the real reason that they did not want me to be a credible witness. Their incompetence has placed me in this system when someone should have been "reading their minds" so that this man could have been questione. These are the most ignorant agents that I have met. I hear the voice of Kevin or Jeremy. Surprise surprise. Kevin is responsible for the rapes and Jeremy pretended to be a deputy holding me at gunpoint in the mountains of Carolina. Shame on these agents.