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Monday, November 06, 2006


Over the weekend I found a website where the victims seem to have many of the same complaints that we do. When we are targeted we get rashes etc. These people complain about the same type of rashes. They also have the same types of pictures. They believe that parasites are attacking them and causing them to have various forms of neurologic disfunction. I think that they are attacked by someone testing nerve gas on them. We all seem to have the same characteristics in the end.

Also over the weekend my perps went back to displaying their Jr. High mentality by planting the sexual dreams and also by putting me to sleep while they questioned me everytime I tried to watch a TV program. I spent most of my Sunday sleeping and the sleep was not a deep sleep but I was unable to bring myself out of their trance.

The testing of non-lethal weapons and nerve gas on citizens in this country needs to stop. These people chosse their enemies and make this personal. They also use Cointelpro to discredit the victims that complain. We need a new government one that acts in our best interest and acts responsibly. To vote for a war because it is the popular thing to do and then to blame it on another party is wrong. If you disagree with something it is better to have voiced your oposition than to blame someone for the votte later. This government has tricked the people into many illegal activities. It has created a law called the Patriot Act that is really not a legal law. To change the Constitution you have to ammend it not create a Bill. If this was true then every President would be able to choose what he did not like and pass a law that prohibited that part of the Constitution from being enforced. I recommend that anyone that is arrested under the Patriot Act take the arresting party to court and to challenge them. The Constitution has withstood the test of time but this President has scared the public into believing that we need to take away our rights to be safe. I believe that he told us that Bin Laden hated our freedom and that is why he attacked us. I think we need to know the truth about 9-11 and why we were attacked. I think we need to know why the military did not protect us and allowed all those buildings to be hit. I think this administration is doing what they do best and that is a cover up. History will one day reveal the truth. It always does.
The photos are tiny filaments of some sort that I removed from my head and skin.