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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This morning between 6:00am and 9:ooam the little people that operate this system were very busy trying to make me a pedophil like they are. They used Mexicans or Cubans in their staged scene where I was supposed to act like they did and like a twelve year old. They also tried to question me about a group that meets once a year for a reunion but I told them I was not interested in their questioning me while I was under a drug or hypnosis. The man in the wheelchair must have not had his dose of porn and needed to see a scene with some small children in it. At least these perverts are true to form...They never stray from sex or perverted sex. The dreams are seldom normal with these transvestites, pedophiles and perverted men and women that operate this technology. I believe that our government has become demented if this is what they are testing the victims with. Why would the United States the so called free country spend so much money and time supposedly getting freedoms forthe other countries when they are using this technology against it's own citizens and not allowing them their freedoms? Why would they even want to use this method that is all about sex,porn,pedophiles to get information when they could have knocked on our doors and asked for the information? Because they have created a Homeland security that promotes this disgusting technology. The DoD under Rumsfield has become a corrupted branch of our government.