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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Once again my perps are trying to make me unhappy where I am and with what I am doing. Am I surprised? No, they would not understand why someone would want to help the homeless because they are too busy trying to make people homeless. They told me this morning to make up my mind that I will not tell on those agents and what they have done to me. They are talking about Swain County, NC and also about the invasive rapes that they perpetrated upon me that caused an internal injury. These AGENTS ARE EITHER DELUSIONAL OR THEY ARE EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE STATED SO MANY TIMES BEFORE SOCIOPATHS.They are not interested in keeping this country safe but in destroying all the great freedoms that we as citizens are promised. They laugh when anyone writes a letter to the Senators or contacts a newspaper because they feel so safe under this administration. Isn't life grand when our government takes away our rights, blames it on Bon Laden or 9-11 and the people are scared to speak out. I SAY SPEAK OUT LOUD AND CLEAR NOW OR YOU MAY NEVER GET THE CHANCE. WE NEED ANOTHER REVOLUTION TO CHANGE THIS COUNTRY AND TURN IT AROUND TO WHERE IT SHOULD BE. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ARE TURNING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES. MY PERPS ARE THANKING ME BECAUSE THEY THINK THIS GIVES THEM JUSTIFICATION TO RAPE ME AND SPY ON ME IN MY BATHROOM AND BEDROOM. THE WORST IS THAT THEY THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO INSIDE MY MIND AND CHANGE MY THINKING OR TO PLACE THEIR IMPURE THOUGHTS IN MY MIND. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN PORN, I DO NOT INTO SMALL BOYS AND DO NOT NEED TO SEE THEIR BEHAVIOR TOWARDS GHILDREN. OKAY AMERICA...THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON ....IS THIS REALLY CHRISTIANITY OR IS IT SOMETHING MORE SINISTER BEHIND THIS TECHNOLOGY? MAYBE THE MILITARY SHOULD TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE AND THE DoD SHOULD GET RID OF RUMSFIELD AND THE IGNORANT PERVERTED MEN AND WOMEN THAT PRETEND TO SERVE THIS COUNTRY. Do they not understand that their children and grandchildren deserve a better legacy than they are leaving them? Are they so stupid that they think this technology will be used only against our enemies? Hasn't History taught them anything? No, I just heard " Oh Janis" Well Oh Pervert that goes to show you where your mind is that you think I am a threat and that you are not. These scum tell the local law enforcement lies when they need their help to place people under surveillance...what they DON'T tell them is that they are actually testing military technology on people under the disguise of surveillance and that the technology destroys lives. We have had several women in our group commit suicide. How sad for the United States that the test subjects are innocent law abiding citizens and not AlQuida as the president wants them to believe.